• Talk: Introduction to ASP.NET MVC

    Yesterday I was speaking on Banjaluka INETA User Group Meeting about ASP.NET MVC. It was introductory presentation where I tried to address only basic functionalities of ASP.NET MVC. PowerPoint I … more

  • My website is temporary offline

    Tags: Blog Update, Site Update

    My site is offline since yesterday. This is caused by some errors when connecting to database. I contacted my hosting provider and we are now working trying to put it online. … more

  • New ASP.NET MVC related videos and tutorials

    As Stephen Walther announced on his blog, there are 15 new videos and 8 new tutorials in ASP.NET MVC posted on ASP.NET website. Videos are separated in 2 different tracks: "How Do I" videos " … more

  • Avoiding tag soup - sample files

    Tags: ASP.NET MVC, Sample, Learn

    I just read Rob Conery's blog post "ASP.NET MVC: Avoiding tag soup", and following his steps (except last one) I created some sample files in one of my existing MVC sample apps. He didn't post sample … more

  • Future of SharePoint is so bright...

    Tags: SharePoint, Fun, Video

    I found this interesting video about a developer meeting (thanks Grumpy Wookie) with one of the youngest web developers in the world. He prefers SharePoint... All I can add is that future of … more

  • Just updated my blog subtitle

    Tags: Blog Update, Randy Pausch

    I will only mention that I have updated subtitle on my blog. Today I again found a link to Randy Pausch's last lecture (I watched it in October, I think...) and I've stolen some of key points of that … more