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  • "Getting Real" for free

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    Besides that their book "Getting Real" can be bought in PDF or printed copy, people from 37signals decided to publish it online. You can read it absolutely free from your browser. Just type http:// … more

  • "Getting Real" besplatno

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    Pored toga što se knjiga "Getting Real" može kupiti u PDF formatu ili kao štampana, autori iz firme 37signals su odlučili da je objave online. Možete je čitati potpuno besplatno koristeći vaš browser. … more

  • 10 najpopularnijih programskih jezika

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    Na sajtu objavljen je spisak 10 programskih jezika koje bi svaki programer trebao da nauči.

    Ovim redom:

    1. PHP2. C#3. AJAX4. Javascript5. Perl6. C7. Ruby i Ruby On Rails8. Java9. Python10. … more

  • Welcome to Subtext!

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    Subtext supports articles!

    Articles are typically used for more traditional long-form style of writing as you might find in a magazine article. They tend to cover more timeless topics and do not … more