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  • Listed on Windows Live Search

    Tags: Search, Ranking, Live Search, Blog

    It is first time for me - blog post about Microsoft Office 2007 trial site is listed on first page of search results for this query: … more

  • Isolator for SharePoint... You can get it for free!!!

    Following all the buzz about SharePoint Guidance you might already hear that TypeMock Isolator can be used for mocking stuff when unit testing your SharePoint apps. Now, … more

  • Mobility Day 2008 – utisci

    U ovom postu podsjetiću se konferencije Mobility Day 2008, koja je održana 9. septembra 2008, u Zagrebu, u hotelu Antunović. Za one koji nisu upoznati, sadržaj ove konferencije je uglavnom fokusiran … more

  • ASP.NET MVC has reached beta stage

    UPDATE 17.10.2008: Here are more detailed blog posts by Scott Guthrie Phil Haack Scott Hanselman Last night I reviewed Twitter, as usual, and one tweet take my attention. Kevin … more

  • Talk: Introduction to ASP.NET MVC

    Yesterday I was speaking on Banjaluka INETA User Group Meeting about ASP.NET MVC. It was introductory presentation where I tried to address only basic functionalities of ASP.NET MVC. PowerPoint I … more

  • My website is temporary offline

    Tags: Blog Update, Site Update

    My site is offline since yesterday. This is caused by some errors when connecting to database. I contacted my hosting provider and we are now working trying to put it online. … more

  • New ASP.NET MVC related videos and tutorials

    As Stephen Walther announced on his blog, there are 15 new videos and 8 new tutorials in ASP.NET MVC posted on ASP.NET website. Videos are separated in 2 different tracks: "How Do I" videos " … more

  • Avoiding tag soup - sample files

    Tags: ASP.NET MVC, Sample, Learn

    I just read Rob Conery's blog post "ASP.NET MVC: Avoiding tag soup", and following his steps (except last one) I created some sample files in one of my existing MVC sample apps. He didn't post sample … more

  • Future of SharePoint is so bright...

    Tags: SharePoint, Fun, Video

    I found this interesting video about a developer meeting (thanks Grumpy Wookie) with one of the youngest web developers in the world. He prefers SharePoint... All I can add is that future of … more

  • Just updated my blog subtitle

    Tags: Blog Update, Randy Pausch

    I will only mention that I have updated subtitle on my blog. Today I again found a link to Randy Pausch's last lecture (I watched it in October, I think...) and I've stolen some of key points of that … more

  • Why I like Firebug

    Rebranding an existing site is always process, especially if site must maintain same page structure and, in case of MOSS WCM site, all web parts and content controls must stay alive and in place, so … more

  • I passed exam for MCTS

    As most of you already know, in order to achieve certification TS: Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007, Configuring, you need to pass the exam 70-630. To prepare for this exam, one can use either … more

  • Just a small reminder...

    Tags: Microsoft, MIX, Video

    Mix08 is mixing... from 5. till 7. March in Vegas. First keynote will start at 9:30 AM PST (5:30 PM GMT and 6:30 PM CET) and will be held by Microsoft Chief Software Architect Ray Ozzie joined by … more

  • Windows Server 2008 and Windows Vista SP1 are RTM

    I found brief announcement about this on Today Microsoft officialy announced that Windows Server 2008 … more