Microsoft Graph and Azure Functions presentation for SPUG Frankfurt am Main

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For the first time, I had a privilege to present for SharePoint User Group in Frankfurt am Main. This UG has online presence on XING and has regular meetings every 1 to 2 months. Besides that, it is closest to my current home, and the presentation there seems like logical step if I want to do anything for my local SharePoint community. So I got in touch with one of group moderators Steven Greenhill, we then met on TechSummit Frankfurt in February and agreed about a session and date. I had a small issue on the presentation day, as I went to wrong address, but luckily the attendees were willing to wait for me while I got from one part of Frankfurt to another. I am sincerely grateful for that.

So, although one hour late, on 27.3.2018 I presented session about Microsoft Graph and current state of Microsoft Graph integration in Azure Functions. What I covered was:

  • Introduction to Microsoft Graph
  • How to use Graph Explorer
  • How to use Microsoft Graph extension for Azure Functions
  • Which bindings are available and which templates can be used
  • How to setup project and what are current limitations (that actually changed this week, as new beta of the extension is released yesterday)

Here are some resources that I shared with attendees:

Slides for my presentation are uploaded to my profile page on SlideShare

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