Upgrade to SubText 1.9.3

I upgraded to new version of SubText. I had 1.9 so I decided to upgrade to 1.9.3 because of problems related with links not shown on front page.

Upgrade was quite straightforward. I downloaded new version from sourceforge, extracted archive in new folder and merged all changes from my old web.config with new web.config (with Notepad++). . After that, I uploaded new files to my site using FileZilla. There are three things to mention here:

  1. I had customized skin, so I didn't uploaded none of new skin folders

  2. I couldn't backup database, so I decided to export it in BlogML format just in case that something goes wrong

  3. I had local copy of my blog, so I decided to overwrite my existing SubText installation with new files.

After upload, I visited my blog and on first page I received information that "Blog upgrade is in progress". I logged in, clicked "Next" 2 or 3 times and it was soon finished. Now I have Links on first page...

IMPORTANT: I don't recommend you to use these workarounds. I don't have critical information on my blog, so I gambled with my data. Please, use official upgrade procedure shown here. If you decide to follow my procedure, you use it ON YOUR OWN RISK. This is only an EXAMPLE and I cannot be responsible for loss of your data.