Using slmgr.vbs to extend grace period for Windows Vista

Very large portion of this site's traffic is from users searching for cd keys for Windows Vista. However, as I mentioned in one comment, I cannot fulfill these requests. One simple reason is because I am not authorized to do that. However, there are many workarounds for extension of grace period for using Vista, and most part of them are based on using slmgr.vbs that is part of Windows Vista.

Usage is simple: 1. Run command prompt with Administrator credentials 2. Enter slmgr -rearm in console window 3. Wait for confirmation and reboot when prompted. Using this procedure, you can use Vista for 120 days, because -rearm switch can be used 3 times. Read this for more comprehensive tutorial: -without-activation-using-slmgrs-rearm-function/ and this for more information on slmgr: I found these articles using my preferred search engine (read Google)