I can analyze statistics for my sites... again

"And why am I so excited about that?", one might ask.

Well, here are symptoms and the solution:

On my personal site www.panjkov.qsh.eu and blog www.blogpanjkov.qsh.eu, I use statcounter.com for tracking site statistics, for almost year and a half. I presume that this is all familiar to readers, but in brief, you register for a free account, receive a piece of html/javascript code and append it to your html on your site pages. I didn't encounter problems with that until I received new hp notebook and I installed Kaspersky on it, as usual and OS Vista Business. It was some two months ago. Well, on this machine I simply couldn't analyze my stats anymore, nor login inside my statcounter.com account. On my sites, banner with statcounter code was invisible, and on statcounter.com I was redirected to some phantomic "gif" file on every try to login. Not to mention poor UX on statcounter.com. I was sure there is somethin wrong, but not persistent enough to research that in depth. I suspected to browsers, but without results, and I was convinced in that this evening when I finally tried to open my account from Opera, again with same results.

And here is resolution for this problem:

After that, I opened Kaspersky's Settings window, and analyzed various options related to Web anti-virus and Anti-Spy. When I disabled Anti-Spy, I was able to use my Statcounter as usual, so I localized problem inside it. When I disabled Anti-Banner(AntiSpy > Anti-Banner), again, I was able to use statcounter as usual. Furthermore, in Anti-Spy there are settings related to Anti-Banner in which is a list with blocked filetypes, blocked sites, blocked filename masks and so on. And, you can guess, there is a statcounter.com in that list. I simply unchecked it (and just to be sure, added it to Whitelist). I again re-enabled all protection services as normal and now

I can analyze statistics for my sites... again. :)

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