New ASP.NET MVC related videos and tutorials

As Stephen Walther announced on his blog, there are 15 new videos and 8 new tutorials in ASP.NET MVC posted on ASP.NET website. Videos are separated in 2 different tracks:

  • "How Do I" videos
  • "ASP.NET MVC Pair Programming" videos

and have separate target audiences. "How Do I" videos are targeted to beginners in the ASP.NET MVC Framework and their purpose is to describe basic tasks and features of ASP.NET MVC. Second set is targeted to developers that want to learn ASP.NET MVC in TDD-based approach, and in this series Stephen is doing pair programming sessions with Charlie Poole, developer of NUnit framework (, developing blog sample application.

Besides these videos, 8 new tutorials in VB or C# on ASP.NET MVC are covering (stolen from website):

I already watched two videos from "How Do I" series and my first impressions are excellent. Both videos code was in VB. Although I am C# developer, I had no difficulties to understand code and philosophy behind those videos. Stephen is really a excellent teacher and his explanations alre concise and understandable.

I already created sample code in C# for "Creating Model Classes with LINQ to SQL" video and posted it to my website (It is on freehosting, so if I encounter high amount of requests, I'll transfer it somewhere else).

My general impression is that things around MVC are rolling, and it seems that Microsoft has directed ASP.NET MVC ship in the right direction. We'll see what will happen in the future, but today is excellent :) I only hope that they will not change its name to something long and recognizable, as pointed by Scott.