Customizing font in VS intellisense

This evening I was playing a bit with my VS editor environment (I use Roy Osherove dark theme with slight modifications) and tried ScottGu’s dark VS editor theme. One thing I noticed is that intellisense text is slightly bigger and I liked it.

After some research (read: random browsing), it all went to one blog post that shows something similar, but with data tips window that behaves in similar fashion. After that I noticed that small dropdown at the top of the Fonts and Colors window.


Here are those two values you can use to change intellisense font and text size:

  1. Statement Completion – for changing font in list box that appears on CTRL+SPACE

  2. Editor Tooltip – changing font for tooltips in editor window.

I only set them  slightly bigger thus making them (much) more readable for me.

I hope you’ll find it useful!


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