BAM Converter–now localized to German and Russian

BAM Converter is a small application for Windows Phone published at first during January 2011. This is a currency converter app that pulls exchange rates from ECB RSS feed (only on user action) and it’s functionality is available purely offline. That makes it suitable for traveling abroad where it can be used without fear of expensive mobile data download costs. It is also possible to add custom exchange rates which are not part of official ECB exchange rates list, for example Serbian Dinar (RSD). After the conversion is performed, source and converted amount can be sent via SMS.

Last week I pushed a latest update which is published under new URL: Besides bug fixes, this update provides localized user experience for users with German and Russian language set on their phones. It is also rebuilt using new VS2012 development tools for Windows Phone. Please try the new version, and if you like it – recommend it to your friends. All remarks you can write in the comments below.

Remember, entire source code of this app is published at