Conferences and speaking engagements –Spring 2017 Edition

As the session submissions are settled down and conference programs are announced, it is my pleasure to announce events on which I will be present as a speaker this spring. I am quite excited about that, as this will be first time to speak in Finland – SharePoint Saturday Helsinki 2017 and Germany – SharePoint Konferenz 2017. Besides those, I will also have sessions on Microsoft NetWork 2017 in Bosnia&Herzegovina and European Collaboration Summit 2017 in Croatia.

SharePoint Saturday Helsinki 2017 – 25.3.2017 (Helsinki, Finland)

This will be my second SharePoint Saturday, after I had a session in Lisbon last December. It is also first time ever for me to visit Finland. I will present a session about extending Microsoft Teams with custom connectors, tabs and bots.

Microsoft Teams Extensibility - what you can do and why
Level: 200
Track: Developer
Microsoft Teams (now in Preview) offers chat-based contextual workspace for team collaboration. It also provides extension points for developers to surface their own products and services directly in Teams interface. In this session we will introduce all 3 of available extensibility approaches -tabs, bots and connectors, and teach you how to build your own solutions that fit to these extension points.

Conference website:

Microsoft NetWork 2017 – 19.-21.4.2017 (Neum, Bosnia and Herzegovina)

This is my “home” conference and official Microsoft conference in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and this year it is having its 7th birthday. I am honored and excited every year when I receive confirmation that my sessions are accepted. My session will be again about extensibility options in Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Teams Extensibility - bots, connectors, tabs
Microsoft Teams (Preview) je chat-bazirani workspace za timsku saradnju. Takođe omogućava developerima da ugrade svoje proizvode i usluge direktno u Teams interface. U ovom predavanju ćemo objasniti sve 3 moguća scenarija za proširenje funkcionalnosti Microsoft Teams -tabs, bots i connectors, i naučiti prisutne kako da naprave svoja rješenja za Microsoft Teams.

Conference website:

SharePoint Konferenz 2017 – 24-26.4.2017 (Erding, Germany)

For the first time I will present at a conference in Germany. Great thanks to organizers for giving me this opportunity. As my German is still not good enough, I will speak in English. I will present two sessions. 

**Planning with Planner
**Level: 100
Track: End-User, Business
The session will be end-to-end overview of Microsoft Planner functionality and features. Even if attendees didn't have any opportunity to work with Planner prior to this session, it is not an issue. After this session, attendees will know how to create Plans, work with Tasks and Buckets, and to manage collaborative projects for their teams with ease.

**Introducing SDKs for Microsoft Graph
**Level: 200
Track: Developer
In addition to programming Graph applications by connecting to available REST API endpoints, it is also possible to build solutions using some of available Graph SDKs. At the time of this writing, several SDKs are available as released or preview versions, and in this sessions we will describe and demonstrate programming of Graph applications using .NET SDK and JavaScript SDK.

Conference website:

European Collaboration Summit 2017 – 29-31.5.2017 (Zagreb, Croatia)

Every year, one of my favorite conferences. Its relaxed style and rich agenda does not leave lot to be desired for, and the organizers immagination goes further and further every year. I’m looking forward to see what Branka, Adis, Nenad and Toni plan for speakers and attendees this year. My session will be related to REST APIs for Groups and Planner and available Microsoft Graph SDK methods for Groups.

Office 365 Groups and Tasks API - Getting Started
Office 365 Groups have the main purpose to increase productivity of teams by leveraging different services under a single hub. Besides that, groups also can be used in Power BI, OneNote and Dynamics CRM, as well as underlying technology to Planner in Office 365. Groups can be accessed through Microsoft Graph API that provide relevant information through set of resources contained in the group content. In this session you will get introduced to Groups and Tasks APIs in Office 365, learn what are the basic resources available through REST calls and how to use them in your applications.

Conference website:

If you have any opportunity to attend one (or more) of those conferences, feel free to approach and say hi. We can chat about my sessions, Office 365, SharePoint, K2 or anything in general Smile. Of course, you are more than welcome to attend my sessions – I would be honored of you do so.