Getting Started with Office 365 Development - TechEd Europe 2014 session resources

I was invited by Jeremy Thake to co-present a session about Office 365 Development together with Dave Pae and Rohit Nagarmal on TechEd Europe 2014 in Barcelona, Spain. It was introductory level session in Developer Tools And Technologies track, and we covered 3 main sections:

  • Getting Started with Apps for Office
  • Getting Started with Apps for SharePoint
  • Introducing Office 365 REST APIs

In first 30-35 minutes I covered apps for Office and apps for SharePoint, and the remaining 35 minutes Rohit get into details of new Office 365 REST APIs for mail, contacts, events and files. General availability of those APIs is announced during first day of TechEd. In my session I've shown 4 demos:

  1. Create an app for Office from Visual Studio project template as Task Pane app for Word and extend it with functionality to write content to document.
  2. Demonstration of functionality in EventBoard app for Office, built by Falafel Software (launched this october)
  3. Create an app for SharePoint from Visual Studio project template as SharePoint full page app and extend it with functionality to show all lists present inside an app web where the app is deployed
  4. Demonstration of functionality in DocuSign app for SharePoint.

Our session was one of 8 Office Development sessions on this year's TechEd. All sessions are recorded. Video recordings and presentation files are posted on Channel 9. Here are the links: