My attempt on building Angular2 and Microsoft Graph sample (originally built by Richard diZerega)

Ever since Richard diZerega posted his Angular 2 video, blog post and sample, I wanted to take some time to work through that tutorial and build the same app. However, I never got to take enough time to force myself to write that code. Richard’s blog post and video are on his blog, and code is on GitHub. Finally, last weekend I started to watch his video and build the solution – just to be surprised that I can’t refer lot of the libraries he is using, and for simple reason – his solution was based on Angular 2 beta, and final release Angular 2 is released afterwards.

So, I took the challenge and built the app using Angular 2, step by step following Richard’s build video. Besides using Angular 2, I also used HTTPS with live server (because I couldn’t register an app in AAD without using HTTPS). Check out the full solution on my GitHub: