Office 365 Groups and Tasks API - Getting Started (ECS 2017 and SPS Zurich 2017 session)

I’m right now returning from Zagreb, where I attended and presented at European Collaboration Summit. Session I presented there is slightly modified version of a session I presented in Zurich on SharePoint Saturday earlier in May, and it was one of numerous sessions on this conference with developers in mind. Especially developers that are new to Microsoft Graph programming model but want to learn how to access and manipulate data stored inside modern (unified) Groups in Office 365. Main resources I used in my session are available online on website:

Demo project (ASP.NET MVC web application) in which I demonstrated how to access Groups and Planner endpoints using REST and SDK calls is based on two tutorials that are part of OfficeDev/TrainingContent repository on GitHub. The project is published on GitHub (as a repo on my profile)

Slides for this session are published on

Have fun building your solutions using Groups API and Planner API, and feel free to post your questions about this topic either in comments of this post or on twitter .

[Office 365 Groups and Tasks API - Getting Started (ECS 2017)]( "Office 365 Groups and Tasks API - Getting Started (ECS 2017)")[Dragan Panjkov](